DEsign and ideas enthusiast


I grew up in Paris, France and moved with my family to Washington DC, USA where I stayed until my 20th birthday. I then returned to Paris to do my Master's degree in Communication.

In October 2011, while finishing my studies, I co-created, a French/English magazine created for all culture and art & design junkies which is now collaborating with Vice magazine. 

Working in event planning and PR in 2013, I moved to Australia, where I studied graphic design. I always had a passion for using visuals to communicate ideas which characterises my job as a graphic designer, while continuing to pursue personal projects as an art director.  (I love handmade projects and experimenting with as many different ideas as possible). 

I am an enthusiastic, optimistic hardworker and always ready to go above and beyond for my work, be it professional or personal. 

I currently reside in Wellington, New Zealand. If you would like to have a chat, see my portfolio or collaborate please visit the contact section.

Thank you for visiting!

Credit photo: Eloise at The Neighbourhood Studio in Newtown