Marine Bucher

Civil Aviation Authority

Being part of a design studio, I have worked on different collateral for CAA and AVSEC, please find a selection of those projects:

LAGS Flyer

When I designed the LAGs flyer the brief was to be a brand refresh, it was amazing to be able to change a document that will have an impact on all passengers travelling in and out of New Zealand. I have used dynamic colours and created icons that were aligned with the brand to push the public to pay attention to security matters. 

This flyer was designed to be in all airports in New Zealand.

Airside, Internal newspaper

I was able to direct this project and work with the copywriter and the client to make the content and design closer to the people that are reading it. The communications team wanted something for the people, entertaining but informative and set a collectable aspect. For that I set up a template so that every two months the colours would change and give a unique feel to the publication. 

“Slick, modern, crisp, nice work!” - Avsec Director of Communications